Big City Life

After Cederberg we spent a weekend in Jozi. I had a sneaky suspicion that place could be fun, and it sure was. House party in Soweto, Arts on Main, 44 Stanley, Joburg art fair, Wining and dining in Melrose, coffee and cake at Wolves, malls malls and more malls, Desmond and the Tutus first gig in Soweto, and hundreds of hours spent in the car with our amazing host Nhlanhla. That place is busy. I liked it. Then we needed to get back to the slow mountain.

Camping in the Cederberg

Wow. so beautiful. Hikes, rock pools, hammocks, potjie, bushmen art, caves, and wonderful company. Wish I had time to tell you all about it but we leave for the Eastern Cape in 8 hours..

What hangs outside our bathroom

I love this photo we picked up somewhere in the world, of Greek daily life. I would like siestas from 2 until 6 every day.

Something I’m trying desperately to live by..

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or consider to be beautiful”.

William Morris,1882.

Battleship Grey

our kitchen wall colour

Thank you Granddaddy

Last weekend Luke and I spent a night away on the rooftop of the Grandaddy Hotel in Long Street. A couple years back, they erected a 4 star caravan park on the roof of their hotel, slap bang in the middle of town. Each 1970’s caravan has had a different designer create the interiors. We stayed in ‘Moontides’ which gave us a great laugh. The bedroom area had jelly fish images covering wall to floor. Amy Kiwi you would have loved the glitzy pillows! Next time I want to stay in Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Apparently you even get a giant bear suit to dress up in. Marvelous. Granddaddy is opening an airstream caravan park on an apple farm in Elgin soon and some designers I know shall be doing the interiors…

Pedersen + Lennard Launched

Pedersen + Lennard had a mighty fine Launch party last month. Some pics from the night. Unfortunately I still need to get footage of the bucket dance : )

Design Indaba 2010

What a great event. Held at the CTICC in Cape Town every February, the 13th Design Indaba featured a host of South African Design talents.

Run little legs

My sister Disie and I participated in the relay race at Kasouga Sports day. We took our little vintage selves off to the athletes territory and came fashionably third. (out of the 4 teams)

Luke and his brothers had a beach race for fun that looked a lot more serious.

the famous steps

Photography to me is catching a moment which is passing, and which is true.”
Jacques-Henri Lartigue

James Ford Hall

James Ford is a great great relative of mine and this quaint hall at Kasouga is in his honour. My mom attends AGMs here whilst my sister New Years bokjols. Both lasted 4.5 minutes before things got rough…

Remember us

The holiday was so good, and work so busy, that we have failed to update this page for two months now. whoops.
Most of our vacation was spent between kasouga and riet river, 25minutes apart in the eastern cape. This is a picture of the family cottage on the beach at riet river. I will be posting some more photos in the not so distant future : )

I know you

Pedersen+Lennard have had their first magazine mentions…

Princess Mini Diana

I just bought a belated birthday gift for myself, a lomography camera, the Diana Mini. Its a smaller version of the original Diana F+, and has been happily clicking itself all the way to the Eastern Cape. Because it can take half frame shots, a 36 spool is 72 shots, and it feels as though you can just shoot forever… and you can, as you can overlap frames endlessly creating multiple-exposure panoramas. It is so small, everything around it feels rather oversized, myself included.

Holidays are here

Under my friend Kirsty’s excellent guidance, these little friends of ours made the most delicious christmas biscuits by the dozen. They were like a big biscuit factory. With loads of glitter and artistic licence, the loveliest biscuits i have seen.
Tulia, Naomi, Scott and Soleiman.

Christmas at 25b

Wednesday morning was christmas at 6am in the girls house. Christmas crackers, hot chocolate, cinnamon cookies and gifts! Jax had never experienced the joy of having a christmas stocking, and now she has! Oh it was fun

a woven want

the most beautiful wall tapestry from a Rob Ryan papercut.
I would very much like this for christmas.

just plain lovely

Our anniversary gifts! I arranged, Luke restored, and together we quite aptly spent our Exclusive Books wedding voucher from 3 years ago. The book is titled The Sartorialist, do go look at his blog page, as inspiring as his book.

9th of December

Its our three year anniversary today. i feel so incredibly blessed. Thank you my friend of butterflies.

christmas cheer

Last night we held our Christmas dinner extravaganza. A few highlights from the evening were, in no particular order, my burglar bar inspired Christmas tree, Kirs edible glitter cupcakes, Jess’s personalized, handcrafted ceramic dinner plates, craig’s water spraying bowtie and Josh’s gift from Santa, a R20 foot spa, the big blue massaging machine. I shall have to post some pics of the other gifts laid under the tree, but for now I have included Jax’s gift from Santa jen.

Santa’s recession

No. 27, 25 and now 23 Fairview Avenue are having their christmas party tonight and in preparation of the event, spent sunday morning at milnerton market smousing second hand deals.

We had one name to get one gift, to the value of R20, in cash, within 20 minutes. I do look forward to opening the shoprite packet to see what is inside…

they let me down

so me and jd are smousing on the gumma
as one does
and the bird gives me her card and says ‘do you want a deposit?’
so my trusting nature says ‘no it’s chill, i’ll trust you’
schoolboy error.
she never came back
which was fine since we never gave her the goods
but then after a closer look on her card
i just start weeping
they said they’re the last to let me down..

Tee’s day

This is Theresa, T bird, Teabag, The bag
She is as mad as she is fun; its her birthday today and we making pizza yum
This is also our favourite park in the whole world, a real alice in wonderland; its in malmo, sweden, but we envision it here in Woodstock, Cape Town. We have a vision for our park to be greater. A place where kids can play without falling on the concrete.

we own an oven

If you have been to our home in the past month or so you would have been shown our most latest aquisition, the oven. It was a long 7 months of electric frying, but our oven is now making up for lost time, these are some products of the grand opening..

salt river wall art

this treasure i found while cycling in search of scrap cardboard

seventy eighty seven

like good wines we maturing